Introducing Jerry's Flex-Sander - The Hand Held Detail Sanding Tool

All the tools I used before inventing the Flex-Sander

All the tools I used before inventing the Flex-Sander

Hello and welcome to Jerry’s Flex-Sander, home of the hand held detail sander. A lot of my wood carvings are complex and have nooks and crannies. I used to use riffler files, stix pen sanders, diamond files, sanding cloths, and tear sandpaper into multiple shapes. I realized that I needed something different to get the job done and invented the hand-held flexible sander – Jerry’s Flex-Sander! 

The Flex-Sander replaces several hand held tools I used to use in my wood carving projects. Jerry’s Flex-Sander offers firm edge sanding to get into spaces as small as 3 /32 inch, and curves to get in behind tight spots that stiff and solid detail sanders can’t touch.

The hand held Flex-Sander is excellent for detailed sanding such as concave sanding, convex sanding, compound angle sanding, sanding behind things, sanding fine edges, and flat sanding. Just slightly rotate the belt and it’s like having a brand new Flex-Sander. This little tool works great for so many applications. Perfect for arts and crafts, hobbyists, wood carvers, painters, cabinet makers, Auto body shops, and everything in between!

"To have an award winning carving. You must be able to put an award winning finish on that carving" (J. Moore)

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Image from J Moore Gallerys call Black crapy dinner Detail sanding
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Image from J Moore Gallerys call Bass attack Detail sanding

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Customer Feedback

When I bought this I wasn’t expecting much. When it arrived and I opened it I still wasn’t to impressed. I am a power carver. I am a speed carver. I use course carbide bits that leave a rough surface. I have a routine I use to good success for cleaning up my carvings. Today after carving a Santa in a maple rolling pin I did my usual clean up. Then I opened up my flex-sander and gave it a try. I bought the 1/2 starter set with some back up sanding belts. I found myself using the flex- sander in all different directions. Getting into areas I usually miss. When I was done I had a lap full of fine dust and a super smooth finish on my carving. I am impressed !!! I will continue to use the flex sander in my final cleanup process. Thanks very much, I give it two thumbs up
Bob M - 10/16/18

I've been a fan of the Flex-Sander for a few years now. Love how it gets into tight places, for finish work. I do wish that they'd come out with a 1/4" model but I have cut the plastic strip and the sanding belt, down on my own. It is one of my favorite finishing tools. I highly recommend it.
Susan M. - 8/18/18
Hudson, Fl.

Work's great and Jerry stands behind it! He has been selling at the Woodcarving shows for many years - great product
Chris O. - 8/20/18