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thumbnail image  Jerry Moore Founder and CEO of Flex-Sander and Master Wood CarverHi Folks, Jerry Moore here, and I would like to introduce you to the Flex-Sander. After trying a large assortment of Riffler Files and Stix Pen Sanders. I found they all had the same problem, they are all in a fixed shape. Which could not flex around all the blades of grass in my Aquatic carvings, to get to the nooks and crannies, they tend to make. After trying everything I could think of for a few years, I finally matched up the right kind of professional grade paper and tensile strength plastic to make my first Flex Sander. It is with the Flex Sander that my carvings have went from interesting to award winning.

If you carve what everyone else does there is all kinds of tools for the job. To make an award winning carving, it is not just the carving but also putting an award winning finish on that carving without breaking it. To get an award winning finish usually includes lots of sanding, and I’ve bought everything on the market trying to sand my carvings and there is nothing on the market for fine detail sanding. After years of trying I finally came up with what I now call a flex-sander and patented it as a flexible detail sander. I used a ½” X 4 ½” strip of flexible plastic and wrapped a ½” X 9” belt around it witch made a bow shape and the belt could be rotated around the flex strip.  When my fellow carvers saw me using the flex-sander they all wanted one. Before the next years wood carving shows I made up a bunch of flex-sanders took them to the shows and sold out.

The next year I sold out twice as much, there was new buyers but mostly it was the same people as the year before. Only this time they were buying mutable packs of flex-sanders so I asked what they were working on expecting them to tell me about a carving they were working on. Instead they started telling about using them on  auto body, motorcycles, boats, antique furniture refinishing, wooden window, inlaid counter tops, arts and crafts, and the ladies think it makes a better Emory board than a Emory board. Now after five years I’m selling thousand dollars worth and have heard hundreds of uses for my flex-sander.

“It is with the Flex Sander that my carvings have went from interesting to award winning.”

Try the Flex Sander and you will see how much help it will be to you, in putting an award winning finish on your carvings too.

Thank you.

Author J. Moore (founder and CEO of Jerry's Flex-Sander), self-taught award winning Master Wood Carver.

If you have any problems with my Flex-Sander call me (727)-545-3033 or use our contact form and lets talk about it.