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package of flex Quarter inch starter kit

Jerry's Flexible Micro Hand Held Detail Sander Quarter-Inch Starter kit

lay out of what you get in the 1/4 flex-sander kit

The simple solution for any detail sanding job!

Can be used for arts and crafts, dry or wet sanding, details' wood and metal, paint, and many other purposes.

The Quarter inch Flex - Sander starter kit comes with:
  • 4pc - Flex Strips
  • 5pc - 100 grit belts (color coded Black)
  • 5pc - 150 grit belts (color coded Green)
  • 5pc - 220 grit belts (color coded Blue)
  • 5pc - 500 grit belts (color coded Red)

Save time, energy, and sand paper on your next detail sanding job. Here's How!

The Quarter inch Flex - Sander starter kit sales complete as seen above for $5.95
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